Chitkara University-Himachal Pradesh

The perks of travelling the length and breadth of the country for me clearly is meeting the young blood or should I say, the young Turks and the food!

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Chitkara University, yesterday. This 40-year-old educational institute, located just at a 25-minute drive from Kalka has been refreshing. I guess, meeting college students always have that effect on us.

Travelling by the Kalka Shatabdi-savouring the oily cutlets for breakfast has a charm of its own.

The two-day stay at the Campus has added a step to my beat! Thank you guys for a wonderful time and experience.

A new thing that I learnt was about Hydroponics farming. Growing crops without soil. All the nutrients are soaked from the water. Never thought that was even vaguely possible. Interesting.

Looking next to the West!

Pune, Mumbai or is it going to be Ahmedabad…only time shall tell!